Fresh Tracks Course

Creating the Confidence to Cut Fresh Tracks

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The Steps to Your Fresh Tracks.....

In this ten week coaching program with me, you'll master the Fresh Tracks process and be on your way manifesting with power, intention and love in all areas of your life. Each week includes in-depth training, guided meditation, homework and feedback.

Don't be too scared to move forward with your dream. You know the one. It keeps calling but you're too afraid to move forward with it. Are you hesitating or second-guessing yourself because.....


  • It's too risky?
  • You don't know where to start?
  • Get confused when you start planning?
  • Don't have enough information to make the right decision yet
  • Feels too big
  • You've tried and failed and can't risk the loss again
  • Something else?

Full Course Contents

  • Define your Fresh Tracks
  • Finally bust through blocks that have been preventing your success!
  • Discover what's preventing your true commitment
  • Uncover the true meaning to the results you don't want - and learn to finally create lasting change!
  • Find out where you are misusing Universal Law - and learn how to use it correctly
  • Uncover beliefs that are unknowingly sabotaging your Fresh Tracks

Since I have had Kelly as a coach I have started my own coaching practice and have had my first client, my web site is online, I am leading workshops and being paid, and booking speaking opportunities in front of groups and businesses, I have a new name and logo for my business and best of all I have this excitement and inner joy to share and guide people on their own personal journey. I am now creating a new fresh track for my financial incomes too! My relationship to money, to myself and to the gift I am here to offer is expanding in a way that is serving my new vision of life.

Sandra Brassard
Sandra Brassard

Once again, I am grateful that I didn’t quit, run away or put it off for another week. My attitude and energy have totally shifted because of our call. I am so excited about what is possible and what we are going to create! I so appreciate you and am thankful that I met you. I know that I haven’t been playing from true choice and I think the main reason is because I gave up along the way – and have been coming from a place of ‘why bother, it’s not going to happen anyway’. After today I have hope! It’s a joyous thing!

Michelle Fournier
Michelle Fournier A Choice Above
    • 10 week program
    • Price includes Trust Your Next Step Book and Workbook
    • Weekly training
    • Guided Meditation
    • Personal Feedback and Coaching

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    Now is the time to take charge of your life, of your dreams. You have everything within you to cut Fresh Tracks and change your life for the better now. Take your next step and join us in supporting your Fresh Tracks today.