Grow your Business Being a Guest on Podcasts, Radio Shows, Teleclasses and more!

Simple steps to landing interviews and making money from them

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Tap into the one medium that is taking off like gangbusters....podcasts! In 2016 this industry grew by over 23%. In fact, In North America alone over 21% of the population, that's 57 million Americans, listen to podcasts. Why? Because of easier access due to mobility. Smart phones, tablets, etc. Engaging in Podcasts and other audio shows like radio are quickly becoming a way of life.

Podcast and Radio Show hosts are in desperate need of high quality experts, content providers and interviewees to jointly promote their shows AND provide high quality content to their listeners.

Why Podcasting and Radio Shows?

  1. Because the numbers are skyrocketing and the future sees no slowing down. In 2013 iTunes alone had over 250,000 podcasts. And the leading podcast hosting company, saw an amazing 75% increase in podcasts produced from 2013 to 2015.

  2. Radio itself is in a state of growth. Online radio allows live call-in interaction and live streaming, eliminating the problem of geographic limitations or the struggle to be syndicated.
  3. From 2010 to 2014, online radio experienced a 73% growth in radio listeners and is projected to reach 191.6 million by 2019.

Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase the Leveraging Your Business with Interviews Course Today...

  • Custom Interview Prep for your Business: includes 10 interview questions, bio and your offer

    How do YOU get the attention and respect of the show host? Preparation is one of the most important factors to both landing interviews and then making them actually be beneficial for both you and the show you are on. That requires some work up front that you can then use to streamline the process once you get going. Each course includes you preparing a bio – that matches what you are selling, ten amazing questions that you can use and reuse for interviews now and in the future, and help with the offer you make at the end of the interview. You will be given personal coaching and feedback on all of these so you are ready to take the interview and process to the next level! This one step alone will make or break your success as a show guest!!

  • Practice Interview with Kelly

    Preparation. Practice. Feedback. Practice. Absolutely nothing can replace these steps! They give you the skill and confidence you need to be an asset to the show you are on and to your business.

  • Copy of Your Professionally Recorded Interview

    Since you are learning how to do an amazing interview – you can bet your socks we are going to do one! This will give you the practice, confidence, and a professionally recorded sample you can use on your website and as a clip to show your experience.

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  • Tips for when and how to promote your interview
  • Techniques for selling without selling
  • How to meet the shows needs and your own at the same time
  • How to make sure you are asked to come back
  • Best practices for being a good guest that no one talks about!

Don't wait to take advantage of this offer! The time to move and position yourself as an expert in your field is while the market is in growth mode.

Save yourself time and money by taking advantage of this training today!

Fresh Tracks with Kelly Robbins, WOW what an experience! I am a local business owner looking for new and fresh ways to move my business mission into the public eye. I'd heard so many great things about the use of Podcasts, for the use of exposure.

Kelly's Podcast Training Program is very informative and thorough, she walked me through every step from prepping the pitch, the must haves to send to other producers, and all the way to the actual interview. I LOVED the interview portion, Kelly is a true PRO - she made me feel comfortable and it ALL felt so organic.

I would definitely recommend this program - and highly encourage you, if you haven't already, listen to Fresh Tracks and subscribe to her channel. She is a true professional and a super awesome Boss Babe!!

Jenn Hernandez
Jenn Hernandez Photography
Now is not the time to delay because this opportunity will quickly pass you by. It's not often we experience a new medium's skyrocketing growth in it's infancy. Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind training now, while there is a specific and desperate need for you to share what you have to offer. Become an expert, grow your tribe, share your message by simply talking and following the formula you will learn in this training.