Training Products

Clients on Purpose Imagine how different your life will be when you consistently bring in 175 new leads a month, have sales calls scheduled automatically each day — with pre-qualified prospects — and your marketing is systematized and automated so you don’t spend countless hours each day stressing about what marketing tasks to do when.

How different will your life be when the sales conversations you have are with people that…

  • Already know who you are
  • Know what you stand for and how you can help them achieve their goals
  • Are certain with absolute clarity you are the one to help them take their business/life to the next level

Let me introduce you to a system that will allow you to Attract Clients on Purpose.

Be a Guest on Podcasts and Radio Shows Training Tap into the one medium that is taking off like gangbusters….podcasts! In 2016 this industry grew by over 23%. In fact, In North America alone over 21% of the population, that’s 57 million Americans, listen to podcasts. Why? Because of easier access due to mobility. Smart phones, tablets, etc. Engaging in Podcasts and other audio shows like radio are quickly becoming a way of life.

Podcast and Radio Show hosts are in desperate need of high quality experts, content providers and interviewees to jointly promote their shows AND provide high quality content to their listeners. Want to learn how to be a guest and attract clients from your office? Learn more about our customized training now.

Marketing Funnel Blueprint — Want some one-on-one help with me to get your sales on track? To finally break through the muck and find out what your next steps are and best practices for automating your marketing? Check out our Marketing Funnel Blueprint.

1. Your individual Marketing Funnel Blueprint. I will help you fill the gaps in your marketing process.
2. We will evaluate what’s working. What’s not. And what you next steps are.
3. Create a system designed to bring in 175 or more pre-qualified leads a month.
4. Have people ready to buy schedule time to speak with you without having to hunt them down.
5. Discover your strengths and weaknesses.
6. Create a game plan for your business profitability and success.

Get your Marketing Funnel Blueprint with special introductory pricing with Kelly Robbins here now.