Three Steps to Clean-up the Relationships in Your Life

We care about how we feel and act. And most of us spend time learning to consciously make decisions, gain control of our emotions, and live a fuller, more present life. We focus on raising our “vibration”. On how we are being as much as what we are doing.  

How we do this varies by individual. We may read motivating books, attend seminars or talks that inspire and uplift us, exercise, take classes, be in nature…. In general, we strive to better ourselves consistently. If not in our actions in our words and intentions.

Raising your vibration and enjoying the results of faster and easier manifesting, experiencing more joy, peace, and better health takes time, focus and dedication.

And one person can ruin all that hard work in a heartbeat!
Because of this, it only makes sense that we be extremely vigilant about who we allow in our life.

Because all it takes is one snide remark or mean comment from someone to yank your high spirits into the gutter. Particularly if someone close to you does the jab.

This week’s Fresh Tracks podcast guest, Jason Lauritsen, talks to us about the power in creating intentional relationships. The concept of choosing your relationships applies to ALL areas of our lives.

Want to be more loving? Ensure the people you spend the most time with also honor that quality. In my book, Trust Your Next Step: Creating the Confidence to Cut Fresh Tracks, there is an entire chapter dedicated to consciously choosing healthy and supportive relationships in all areas of your life. Including your family, friends, and work acquaintances.

There are three aspects of all your relationships you can examine right now that will lead to an immediate and complete shift in your life:

  1. In what area of your life are you struggling the most? Who do you have in your circle of influence, your immediate space, that does that well? If you don’t have anyone – start looking.
  2. Who in your life is an energy suck? They drain your energy rather than give (you know exactly who this is!). How much time do you permit them and why are they still in your life?
  3. Honestly examine your close friends. Have you had the same group of friends forever? Since high school or college? Do they know YOU as you were, not as you are? Conversely, who is your newest friend that has the (lifestyle, business, health, relationships) that you desire? Is it time to intentionally find a community that stretches you to your new self?

Who you surround yourself with effects how you are at an incredibly fundamental level. It matters. Choose consciously, not by default. 

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