Personal Coaching Complete Marketing Funnel Package — In this amazing program, we will create your marketing funnel together and put each piece systematically in place. When finished you will have a workable, repeatable system that attracts your ideal clients and allows you to make more money and have more time to spend time doing what you love.
What’s included? Everything in the Marketing Funnel Blueprint System AND we will create each of the pieces to your marketing funnel. From an automated email response system to your free giveaway, you can finally sleep well at night knowing your marketing funnel is complete and prospects are being prequalified and led to you while you are away. Step into it. Work with me now and let’s get this done right once and for all. Attract your ideal clients with confidence knowing you have a structure in place for your growth and success! Register for the Complete Marketing Funnel System here now.

VIP Day with Kelly — If you are self-motivated and ready to take yourself on, some individual guidance may be just what you need to catapult yourself to the next level!

Have you heard the saying you can’t see what’s right in front of your face? You can’t see the forest through the trees? Working yourself to the bone and putting every ounce of energy and time into making money is not necessarily the answer. Why not skip over some of the learning curve by having an expert guide you to your next step. Avoid stress. Save time and money.

How to Know if a VIP Day is Right For You:
#1 You are self-motivated. If you can take a plan and then run with it, a VIP day is a good fit. If you are looking for someone to give consistent feedback and interruption of unsupportive patterns, longer term coaching may be a better option.

#2 You can take direction and go from there on your own. You know that if you had your next ten steps laid out in front of you, you would follow through on it. Direction, a second set of eyes and ears and clarity will make an enormous impact on the future of your business.

#3 You prefer strategy and focus over continuous pattern interruption. You know if this is you because you are able to make long-term changes on your own once you are aware of the situation.

Here’s an example of when a VIP Day may be right for you:

  • Create an action plan with fast turn-around results
  • Achieve immediate on-the-spot results through personal guidance and direction
  • A terrific way to save time and money
  • Ideal for creating a marketing plan, developing a new product, setting up a new coaching or consulting program
  • A personal intensive will help you get into action quickly

Register for your VIP day with Kelly here now.

Double Diamond Private Coaching Program — Kelly Robbins Double Diamond coaching program is perfect for the entrepreneur that is ready to get some things done, start living their life on purpose, and finally get balance between their business and family life.

Searching for that spiritual connection? Do you not know your purpose, or, have you known it for a long time and are lacking clarity on how to move forward with it as a business? My six-month Double Diamond coaching program might be just the catalyst to you creating your life, your way.

In the Double Diamond Coaching program, you will: Personal Coaching
  1. Discover how to lead the right clients to your door consistently
  2. Create a lifestyle where your work and life is a fun adventure
  3. Live your divine purpose

Interested in learning more? Yes, I’d like to learn more about coaching with Kelly now.